Return a list of sessions for a user

Return a list of session replay URLs for a user, queried by email address and/or uid.

If both a uid and email parameter are passed into the API, this endpoint queries on them separately and returns a union of the records found. Therefore, it's recommended to use either uid or email, but not both.

Method: GET

URI: /sessions/v2


uidstringThe uid is your app's user id for the current user set via FS.identify. Required if email is not provided.
emailstringThe email address that you have associated with the user via FS.identify or FS.setUserVars. Required if uid is not provided.
limitintegerOptional. The max number of sessions to return (defaults to 20).

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: Response sent as JSON in body