Delete User

Delete all user data related to a user identified in the browser via the FS.identify Browser API function. This includes sessions, events and custom user variables, as well as all of the raw page files and any corresponding session data on our servers.

This call kicks off a background operation and returns immediately with an operation ID that you can use to query the status of the deletion using the Get Operation HTTP API endpoint.

After the operation is completed, an email is sent to email ID of the user that created the API key. Set the send_email URL parameter to false to change this behavior. Note that legacy API keys are not connected to a user, so when such API keys are used, an email will not be sent. Learn more about legacy API keys.

Method: DELETE

URI: /users/v1/individual/{uid}


uidstringThe application-specific ID you've given to the user. You will have passed that ID through the FS.identify Browser API function.
send_emailboolean[optional] If true, email confirmation will be sent to the user of the API key after the individual is deleted. Defaults to true if field is not specified. If send_email is set to true, a legacy API key cannot be used for authentication as there is no user bound to it.

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: The id of the initiated operation

Additional Information