Get details about a specific operation

Return the status of one particular operation given the operation ID.

Method: GET

URI: /operations/v1/{id}


idstringreturned in the response of APIs that perform asynchronous operations

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: Response sent as JSON in body

Response Fields

idstringThe id for the requested operation.
typestringType of the operation. Examples are DELETE_USER and SEARCH_EXPORT.
detailsobjectMay contain additional information about the operation.
resultsobjectIf the operation produces results and the operation completed successfully, this will contain information relevant to the type of operation.
statestringThe state of the operation. Possible values are PENDING, COMPLETED, and FAILED.
errorDetailsstringIf the state is FAILED, this will contain a message describing why the operation failed.
createdAttimestampUTC RFC 3339 timestamp for when the operation was scheduled.
finishedAttimestampUTC RFC 3339 timestamp for when the operation finished, either successfully or with an error.
estimatePctCompleteintegerA number from 0 to 100 that indicates an estimation of how much progress has been made on the operation.
stepstringProvides additional non-quantitative information for the current state of the operation.

Operation Results and Details

User Deletion (type DELETE_USER)

The user deletion operation does not include any extra information in the details field and does not produce any results.

Search Export (type SEARCH_EXPORT) The results for search export operation will contain the following fields:

searchExportIdstringThe ID to be used with the search export results API
expirestimestampUTC RFC 3339 timestamp indicating when the export will no longer be available for download

Search export operations do not produce any details.

Additional Information