API reference

FullStory captures and replays your users' experiences so that you can build a better website. You can shape FullStory to your specific needs using our simple Client API and secure HTTP API.

The Client API allows developers to manage recording, consume custom event data, and generate session replay URLs that can be used to integrate replay deeplinks with other platforms.

The HTTP API allows you to control user data and export all event data captured by FullStory for external analysis.

How to get going

  • The Client API is available once the FullStory snippet executes in your users' browsers.
  • If you're building a Single Page Application using popular frameworks like React, Angular, or Vue you can install the FullStory snippet and Client API from NPM: @fullstory/browser.
  • The HTTP API requires an API key that you can generate from the FullStory app.
  • You can find more details about how FullStory recording works on our knowledge base.