Return a list of Data Export bundles

This API has been deprecated

Please use the Segment Export API to extract data recorded by FullStory.

Legacy Data Export

You can download a collection of session events for your own analysis using FullStory's Data Export feature.

The list endpoint returns a JSON list of completed data export bundles. Each result provides a start and stop timestamp of the data contained within the export (in unix seconds) as well as the unique Id of the bundle.

Calling this endpoint will return a list of the first 20 data export bundles whose end time is after the given start parameter (sorted from oldest to newest). In general, periodically calling this endpoint with the timestamp of your most recently downloaded bundle will ensure that your system is aware of all finished bundles. If you need to download more than 20 bundles, then simply repeat the call using the timestamp of the last bundle in the returned list.

Data Export is an Enterprise pricing tier add-on. See pricing page for more details.

Method: GET

URI: /api/v1/export/list


startThe timestamp at which to start searching for results. Use Unix seconds (seconds since Epoch).

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: Data Export list sent as JSON body

Additional Information