List Segments

Returns a paginated list of all segments, including built-in segments such as "everyone".

Method: GET

URI: /segments/v1


limitintegerOptionally limit the number of segments returned. Defaults to 20. The max limit for a single page is 100.
paginationTokenstringOptional pagination token for retrieving more results. List params should not change between consecutive paginated requests (limit is an exception).
creatorstringIf set, filters the returned segments by the provided creator. This should be an email associated with a FullStory account.

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: A successful response.

Response Fields

segmentsarrayAn array of segments as described in the Get Segment API
next_pagination_tokenstringIf present, then there are more results which can be retrieved by making another request with this token as the paginationToken.