This endpoint provides a way to test authentication with an API key. The API returns identifying information corresponding to the provided authentication method. This endpoint does not accept any parameters.

Method: GET

URI: /me

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

HTTP Status CodeDescription
200A successful response.
401Unauthenticated. FullStory was unable to verify the API key. The supplied API key was wrong or the API key could have been revoked.
429Rate Limited. Too many requests were made in a short amount of time. Please retry after some time or check the response headers for details.
5**FullStory server failure. Something went wrong on FullStory's servers. Please contact if this problem persists.

Response Headers

Retry-After: A numerical value in seconds is returned when the status code returned is 429. This indicates the number of seconds after which the request may be retried.

Response Fields

emailstringThe email ID of the FullStory user who created the API key.
orgIdstringThe organization ID in which the API key was created.
rolestring (enum)A string representing the permission level of the API key. Possible values are ADMIN (Admin), ARCHITECT (Architect), and USER (Standard).

Additional Information