Update configuration of a webhook endpoint (Beta)

This API can be used to change the destination URL, configured events, signing secret, and the enabled status of the webhook endpoint.

Method: POST

URI: /webhooks/v1/endpoints/{ENDPOINT_ID}


ENDPOINT_IDID of the endpoint that is returned by the Create Endpoint or the List Endpoints API.
urlThe new URL for the endpoint. Note that changing the URL also changes the ID of the endpoint. See the id property in the response for the endpoint's new ID. If absent or an empty string, the URL will not be changed.
secretThe new secret for the endpoint. If absent or an empty string, the secret will not be changed.
eventTypesThe new set of event types that the endpoint should receive. If absent or an empty list, the set of events will not be changed.
disabledIf present and true, the given endpoint will be disabled and stop receiving events. Otherwise, the given endpoint will be enabled.

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: Response sent as JSON in body