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Version: v2

Analytics Events

Sending instrumented event data into Fullstory

Domain-specific events captured by Fullstory add additional intelligence when you're searching across sessions and creating new user segments. You can define and capture these events with Fullstory custom events.

Type annotations are no longer required. See Custom Properties.

    name string required

    A string containing the name of the event. Event names can be no longer than 250 characters.

    properties object required

    A JSON object containing additional information about the event that will be indexed by Fullstory. The maximum size is 512Kb.

    schema object optional

    A JSON object with key/value pairs that provide explicit type inference for your properties. See Custom Properties.


  • Sustained calls are limited to 60 calls per user per page per minute with a burst limit of 40 calls per second.
  • Arrays of objects will not be indexed (arrays of strings and numbers will be indexed) with the exception of Order Completed events.

Additional Information

  FS('trackEvent', { name, properties });

Example Invocation

Adding a product to an e-commerce cart
FS('trackEvent', {
name: 'Product Added',
properties: {
cart_id: '130983678493',
product_id: '798ith22928347',
sku: 'L-100',
category: 'Clothing',
name: 'Button Front Cardigan',
brand: 'Bright & Bold',
variant: 'Blue',
price: 58.99,
quantity: 1,
coupon: '25OFF',
position: 3,
url: '',
image_url: ''
SaaS product subscription
FS('trackEvent', {
name: 'Subscribed',
properties: {
uid: '750948353',
plan_name: 'Professional',
plan_price: 299,
plan_users: 10,
days_in_trial: 42,
feature_packs: ['MAPS', 'DEV', 'DATA'],