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Version: v1

Create Endpoint

Creates a new webhook endpoint with the given properties

Request Body required
    url string optional

    The URL that will receive the webhook events.

    event_types object[] optional

    The types of events that this endpoint should receive. This is an array of objects; each object has an eventName property indicating the kind of event. The object may also have a subcategory property: some kinds of events require a subcategory.

  • Array [
  • event_name string optional

    The name of an event. There is a fixed set of supported event names, each representing a different kind of event that can be sent to a webhook endpoint. This is the same value that is sent to a webhook endpoint, in the "eventName" field of the request payload.

    subcategory string optional

    Optional subcategory. Some event types require further specifying a subcategory. For example, the "recording.event.custom" event requires specifying a particular custom event as the subcategory. This field will be empty for kinds of events that do not require a subcategory. When specified, this needs to be the subcategory returned from List Event Subcategories and not the display_name.

  • ]
  • secret string optional

    The shared secret that will be used to sign the events, so that the endpoint can authenticate FullStory.


A successful response.

"id": "aHR0cHM6Ly9leGFtcGxlLmNvbS9mdWxsc3Rvcnktd2ViaG9va3M",
"created": "2020-04-01T21:53:58.200Z",
"modified": "2020-04-01T21:53:58.200Z",
"enabled": true,
"url": "",
"eventTypes": [
"eventName": "recording.event.custom",