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Version: v1

List Event Subcategories

For event types that have subcategories, this pages through the available subcategories. A subcategory definition may include an optional displayName property. If so, user agents that show the results as a list should show that value to users instead of the subcategory value.

Path Parameters
    event_name string required

    The name of an event type that has subcategories, as returned by the List Event Types API.

Query Parameters
    pagination_token string optional

    Optional pagination token, for retrieving further results after a previous page request.

    limit int32 optional

    Optional limit to the number of values returned. If not specified, the max (1000) values are returned.


A successful response.

"subcategoryDefs": [
"display_name": "Added Item to Cart"
"subcategory": "U2F3IEVycm9yIFBvcHVwU2F3IEVycm9yIFBvcHVwU2F3IEVycm9yIFBvcHVwU2F3IEVycm9yIFBvcHVw",
"display_name": "Saw Error Popup"
"subcategory": "VHJhbnNhY3Rpb24gQ29tcGxldGU=VHJhbnNhY3Rpb24gQ29tcGxldGU=VHJhbnNhY3Rpb24gQ29tcGxldGU=VHJhbnNhY3Rpb24gQ29tcGxldGU=",
"display_name": "Transaction Complete"