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Version: v1

Custom Event

Notifies when a custom event has been processed. Custom events are created during recording via the FS.event Browser API function. The payload includes the details of the custom event. It also contains any validation errors encountered while processing the any properties added to the custom event.

The properties field is a map whose values can be any type. The actual type of the value will depend on the the property key. For example, properties whose key ends in "_str" will have string values; properties whose key ends in "_bool" will have boolean values. More details on the naming conventions and expected value types can be found in the knowledge base.


When configuring an endpoint that receives this type of event, you configure which particular custom event(s) will be delivered to the endpoint. If you have not created any custom events, they will not show up as an option when configuring a webhook endpoint.

Additional Information

Event API Name


Example Payload

"eventName": "recording.event.custom",
"version": 1,
"data": {
"name": "Product Added",
"properties": {
"cart_id_str": "13093678493",
"product_id_str": "798ith22928347",
"sku_str": "L-100",
"category_str": "Clothing",
"name_str": "Button Front Cardigan",
"brand_str": "Bright & Bold",
"variant_str": "Blue",
"price_real": 58.99,
"quantity_real": 1,
"coupon_str": "250FF",
"position_int": 3,
"url_str": "",
"image_url_str": ""
"errors": [
"errCode": "invalidFieldName",
"field": "123foobar",
"value": "10203040"
"pageUrl": "",
"sessionUrl": "!1110765439578976",
"timestamp": "2020-01-09T20:49:50.433Z"