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Version: v1

Segment Threshold Alert

Notifies when a segment-based alert triggers. Alerts can trigger when the active users in a saved segment cross a configured threshold.

The "duration" field in the "alertConfig" section of the payload will be "DAILY", "WEEKLY", or "MONTHLY", based on whether the alert was configured to examine daily active users vs. weekly or monthly active users. The "direction" field, also in the "alertConfig" section, will be either "ABOVE" or "BELOW", based on whether the alert triggers when the observed value goes above or below the configured threshold.


When configuring an endpoint that receives this type of event, you can configure which particular alert(s) will be delivered to the endpoint. If you have not created any alerts, they will not show up as an option when configuring a webhook endpoint.

Event API Name


Example Payload

"eventName": "segment.trend.alert",
"version": 1,
"data": {
"id": "a5fe758dc531089a203b20b0",
"timestamp": "2019-04-21T19:06:44.927Z",
"value": 114,
"notificationUrl": "",
"alertConfig": {
"description": "too many people abandoning checkout",
"threshold": 100,
"direction": "ABOVE",
"duration": "DAILY",
"alertUrl": "",
"alertCreator": "",
"segmentUrl": "",
"segmentCreator": "",
"segmentName": "Cancelled checkout flow"