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Version: v2

Getting Started

Once you've created an API Key, you're ready to start sending data to FullStory.

API Guarantees

  • Over time, as an anonymous user is identified across multiple devices and via the server API, they will represent a single “logical” user.
  • A FullStory-generated user id will remain stable and will be guaranteed to reference the same logical user after that user has been identified.
  • Once a user is identified, a different “id” value may be returned in the server API response of an operation on that user.
  • Once a user is identified, the state of their properties collection will represent the most recent state set for that user, even when property values were set when the user was anonymous, prior to being identified.
  • This means we will merge existing user properties with new properties being set, and resolve any collisions by taking the most recent value
  • Once a server API uid value has been set for a user (i.e. they’ve been identified), that value is immutable and any attempt to update the existing value will result in an error.

User Id Flow

Data Residency

FullStory uses Google Cloud Platform data centers to process and store data. The default data center for all customers is located in the US. As of August 2022, FullStory also has a data center in the European Union (“EU”). Customers now have the option to designate the location of the data center that supports their FullStory account.

All API requests use the domain. They are automatically routed to the correct data center based on what is configured for your FullStory account. You can determine which data center your account is associated with in one of two ways:

  • The FullStory URL you use to login
  • The API key you are using for API authentication. The data center used is included as the first three characters of the API key. If your API key was created prior to August 2022, it may not include this prefix. In this case, your API key will be associated with the na1 data center.
    • API key format: <data center>.<token>

Additional Information