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Version: v1

List Sessions

Return a list of session replay URLs for a user, queried by email address and/or uid. If both a uid and email parameter are passed into the API, this endpoint queries on them separately and returns a union of the records found. Therefore, it's recommended to use either uid or email, but not both.

Query Parameters
  • uid string optional

    The uid is your app's user id for the current user set via FS.identify. Required if email is not provided.

  • email string optional

    The email address that you have associated with the user via FS.identify or FS.setUserVars. Required if uid is not provided.

  • limit int64 optional

    The max number of sessions to return (defaults to 20).


A successful response.

"sessions": [
"userId": "1234567890",
"sessionId": "1234567890",
"createdTime": "1411492739",
"fsUrl": ""
"userId": "1234567890",
"sessionId": "0987654321",
"createdTime": "1411496904",
"fsUrl": ""