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Version: v1

Set User Properties

Set user properties

Capture custom user data with the FS.setUserVars function, which takes a single argument: an object or dictionary containing simple key/value pairs you'd like to capture.

    userVars object required

    A JSON object with key/value pairs that provides additional information about your user.

Special Fields
These are reserved field names that can be included in userVars that have special meaning and usage.
    displayName string optional

    The value of displayName is displayed in the session list and on the user card in the app.

    email string optional

    The email value can also be used to retrieve users and sessions via the Get User and List Sessions HTTP APIs.


  • Sustained calls are limited to 30 calls per page per minute with a burst limit of 10 calls per second.

Additional Information


Example Invocation

displayName: 'Daniel Falko',
email: '',
pricingPlan_str: 'free',
popupHelp_bool: true,
totalSpent_real: 14.50