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Version: v2


React to FS events by invoking callbacks.

    type string required

    Possible values: start, shutdown

    start - Callback will be executed after the Fullstory client API is fully initialized and ready to capture. Callback will be executed upon invocation if capture has already started.
    shutdown - Callback will be executed after data capture has shutdown manually using FS('shutdown') or in response to an api signal that capture should be disabled.

    callback object required

    A function that will be executed when the event type is triggered.

Asynchronous Method

The asynchronous version, FS('observeAsync'), can be used to resolve to an object that can be used to "disconnect" the observer.

FS('observe', { type, callback })

Example Invocation

Get session URL after data capture has started
FS('observe', {
type: 'start',
callback: () => {
const sessionURL = FS('getSession');
// Do stuff with session URL...
Disconnect callback
const observer = await FS('observeAsync', {
type: 'start',
callback: () => {