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Version: v1

Getting Started

The FullStory Browser API allows developers to

  • manage data capture
  • consume custom event and user profile data
  • generate session replay URLs that can be used to integrate replay deep links with other platforms.

Installing the FullStory Snippet​

The FullStory Browser API is available once the FullStory data capture snippet is installed on your users' browser.

A couple of notes about the data capture snippet​

  • It’s super small, asynchronous, and designed to be unnoticeable to your users. You can read more about the negligible performance impact of FullStory in this article.
  • Once the FullStory script loads, it captures all web based interactions and mutations.

Getting the snippet from FullStory Settings​

You can find the snippet by clicking on Settings > Data Capture and Privacy > FullStory Setup Snippet in Settings

Other options for installing the snippet​

The snippet also can be installed using:

Auto Capture Functions​

Auto capture can be controlled via capture stop, restart, and consent functions.

You can also add a callback handler that gets executed when auto capture is fully initialized.

Custom Data Capture​

Analytics events, user profile data, and page data can be captured during a user browsing session. These data are indexed by FullStory for search, segment, and metrics creation.

User identity can be managed with the identify and anonymize.

Getting Session Replay URLs​

Session Replay URLs can be generated during a user session.

These URLs can be used to integrate session replay links with other tools (for example, integrating with Sentry for error tracking or New Relic for tracing).

Rage Clicks​

The Rage Clicks Hook provides a method to react to FullStory frustration events directly in the browser to trigger workflows locally.

More details about Rage Clicks use cases can be found here.