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Version: v2

Get Session Details

Retrieve the session ID or a link to replay of the current session. The link can point to the beginning of the session or to the current moment time.

    format string optional

    Possible values: url, id,

    Enumerated value that defines what kind of ID should be returned:
    url - (default value) the returned URL links to the beginning of the session replay
    id - the session ID is returned - the returned URL links to the moment in the replay when the method is invoked

Special Consideration

A session url or ID can only be returned by FS('getSession') if capture has begun. Before this FS('getSession') returns null or undefined. To be assured of getting a session url, you can use FS('observe') or the asynchronous version: FS('getSessionAsync'). More details about the Fullstory client-side bootstrapping process can be found on our knowledge base.

FS('getSession', { format: 'url' })

Example Invocation

FS('observe', {
type: 'start',
callback: () => {
const sessionUrlFromBeginning = FS('getSession');
const sessionUrlAtTime = await FS('getSessionAsync', { format: '' });
Get the current session ID using the legacy _fs_ready callback
window['_fs_ready'] = function() {
const sessionId = FS('getSession', { format: 'id' });