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Version: v2


Send log messages to Fullstory without logging to the developer console.

Standard console.log() statements will be captured by Fullstory and can be optionally disabled. You have the option to log messages to Fullstory without adding additional noise to your users' browser consoles using FS('log').

    level string optional

    Possible values: log, info, warn, error

    Default value: log

    These values are identical to the four methods available to the browser console API. If this parameter is not provided, the log value is used by default.

    msg string required

    A text string that will be logged to the Fullstory console.

The log levels result in different output styles in the Fullstory console.

Additional Information

FS('log', { level?, msg })

Example Invocation

Using the default log level
FS('log', { msg: 'Customer logged in successfully' });
Logging an error
FS('log', { level: 'error', msg: 'Login failed' });