Generate a link to the replay of the current session



Create a link to either the beginning of the session replay or to a specific moment in time in the replay.


nowIf false (or if the now parameter is not provided), the URL returned by the method links to the beginning of the session replay. If true, the returned URL links to the moment in the replay when the method is invoked. (optional)

Special Consideration

FS.getCurrentSessionURL(now?) is defined once FullStory has been fully bootstrapped, which occurs after a rec/page request is made to our servers to get information about your organization. You can find details about the FullStory client-side bootsrapping process on our knowledge base.

Use the _fs_ready callback to invoke FS.getCurrentSessionURL(now?) after the bootsrapping process is complete:

window['_fs_ready'] = function() {
  // This URL will take you to the current time within the session replay
  var sessionUrlAtTime = FS.getCurrentSessionURL(true);