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Version: v1

List Endpoints

Page through all of the configured endpoints. If the response contains a nextPaginationToken property, then there are more results which can be retrieved by making another call and using that token as the next request's paginationToken.

Query Parameters
    pagination_token string optional

    Optional pagination token, for retrieving further results after a previous page request.

    limit int32 optional

    Optional limit to the number of endpoints returned. If not specified, the max (100) endpoints are returned.


A successful response.

"endpoints": [
"id": "aHR0cDovL2Zvby5iYXIv",
"created": "2020-03-26T19:16:57.291Z",
"modified": "2020-04-01T21:46:42.412Z",
"enabled": true,
"url": "",
"eventTypes": [
"eventName": "note.created"
"nextPaginationToken": "aHR0cDovL2Zvby5iYXIv"