Get Segment

Returns segment information for the provided segment ID.

In addition to the list API, segment IDs can be extracted from within the FullStory UI. When on the page for a segment, the URL will contain the segment's ID. For example, the URL corresponds to a segment with an ID of

Method: GET

URI: /segments/v1/{id}


idstringThe ID of the segment to be retrieved

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: A successful response.

Response Fields

idstringUnique identifier for the segment.
namestringThe display name of the segment.
creatorstringThe email associated with the FullStory user who created the segment.
createdtimestampUTC RFC 3339 timestamp for when the segment was creted. Will not be present for built-in segments.
urlstringURL for the corresponding segment in the FullStory app.