List available event subcategories (Beta)

For event types that have subcategories, this pages through the available subcategories.

A subcategory definition may include an optional displayName property. If so, user agents that show the results as a list should show that value to users instead of the subcategory value.

Method: GET

URI: /webhooks/v1/event-types/{EVENT_NAME}/subcategories


EVENT_NAMEThe name of an event type that has subcategories, as returned by the List Event Types API.
limitOptional limit hint, for the number of subcategories to return.
paginationTokenOptional pagination token, for retrieving further results after a previous page request.

If the response contains a nextPaginationToken property, then there are more results which can be retrieved by making another call and using that token as the next request's paginationToken.

Request Headers

Authorization: Basic {YOUR_API_KEY}

Status Codes

200: Response sent as JSON in body