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Get Session Details

Generate a link to the replay of the current session

moment in time API with now parameter available post v1.3

Create a link to either the beginning of the session replay or to a specific moment in time in the replay.

    now boolean optional

    Default value: false

    If false (or if the now parameter is not provided), the URL returned by the method links to the beginning of the session replay. If true, the returned URL links to the moment in the replay when the method is invoked.

Special Consideration

When the Fullstory Native Mobile instrumentation SDK starts up, it immediately fetches the latest privacy rules from the server. No information is recorded before these privacy rules have been fetched.

This method can be used once Fullstory has been fully initialized. If called before a session is initialized, we will return a null value.

You can call the currentSessionURL computed property anytime during a session to get the URL to your replay session or use the fullstoryDidStartSession delegate to retrieve sessionUrl parameter after the recording has started.

[FS currentSessionURL]
[FS currentSessionURL:(BOOL)now]

Example Invocation

You can use the fullstoryDidStartSession delegate to retrieve the sessionUrl in your app delegate:

- (void)fullstoryDidStartSession:(NSString *)sessionUrl {
// This will give you the sessionURL when the recording begins.
NSLog(@"Fullstory did start session with URL %@", sessionUrl);
NSLog(@"Fullstory session URL: %@", [FS currentSessionURL]);
NSLog(@"Fullstory session URL: %@", [FS currentSessionURL:true]);