Setting page variables


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Use the FS.setVars API with the page scope to capture information about the current page. Page properties are available to search from the time of the FS.setVars call until the end of the page, which is considered to be any change to the URL host or path. To continue capturing page variables after a host or path change, the FS.setVars API must be called again.

You can find more details about using page variables in FullStory on our Knowledge Base.

pageName is a reserved field and has special behavior. The value provided in this field will automatically become a Page, which can be used in a variety of places within FullStory, such as Journeys.

You can call FS.setVars('page') multiple times on the same page, with and without the optional pageName field. When doing so, the set of provided pageProperties will be merged with any prior pageProperties you sent.

Note: When using the pageName field, this value will take precedence over any URL-based page definitions you may have previously created. If this is not desired, please use another field to designate the page name.


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  • Capture up to 20 unique properties (exclusive of pageName) on a single page.

  • Capture up to 500 unique properties across all pages.

  • The pageName field is limited to 1,000 unique values. Any new pageName values sent past this limit will be ignored.

  • If two different pageName values are sent while on the same page, the later API call will be ignored. Since this field is optional, a blank or missing pageName is not considered a change and will not affect the API call.