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Version: v2

Breaking Changes

Breaking changes are those that will cause disruptions to your Fullstory Server API client applications unless you modify your code to accommodate the change. Should a new API feature result in a breaking change, a new major version for the API will be published that you can opt-in to.

For example, if a client is currently using POST /v2/users and Fullstory decides to make an update to this endpoint that results in a breaking change, a new v3 API will be published and the breaking change will be manifested in POST /v3/users.

Changes that require an API major version upgrade

  • Removing or renaming a parameter, request field, or response field
  • Removing or renaming a resource URI or method
  • Changing existing permission definitions and/or authorization
  • Adding a required parameter or request field without default values
  • Changing the intended functionality of an endpoint. For example, if a DELETE request previously used to soft delete a resource but now hard deletes the resource.
  • Introducing new validation rules
  • Changing request or response field types (for example, a response field is changed from an object type to an array type)
  • Applying more restrictive rate limiting
  • Fixing an HTTP response code from an incorrect code to the correct code

Changes that don't require an API major version upgrade

  • Adding new API resources/endpoints.
  • Adding new methods to existing endpoints
  • Adding new fields in the following scenarios:
    • New fields in responses
    • New optional request fields or parameters
    • New required request fields that have default values
  • Changing the order of fields in existing API responses
  • Changing the length or format of opaque strings, such as resource IDs
  • Changing the value of error messages and other human-readable strings
  • Adding an optional request header
  • Removal of a redundant request header
  • Changing the length of data returned within a field
  • Changing the overall response size
  • Adding a new value returned for an existing enumerated field