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Add Class

Add a class or classes for a mobile view

To simplify management of privacy for mobile applications and to enable individuals who have worked with Fullstory for the web to have a more familiar experience, Fullstory for Mobile Apps instrumentation creates virtual HTML-like elements for React Native views for the purposes of privacy management, funnel definition, and searches. read more here

Use the fsClass property for a React Native View. Read more about Fullstory for Mobile Apps Privacy Rules.

Pre-Configured Privacy Classes

Several pre-configured privacy classes are provided to manage privacy programmatically.

  • fs-exclude
  • fs-exclude-without-consent
  • fs-mask
  • fs-mask-without-consent
  • fs-unmask
  • fs-unmask-with-consent

The behavior of the *Consent classes depends on FS.consent.

// Instead of adding the class via an FS API method,
// use the fsClass property that Fullstory's babel plugin adds to every React Native View.
<Text fsClass="custom-class-name">Text element with a custom class name</Text>

See fullstory-react-native and the babel plugin fullstory-babel-plugin-react-native for more details.

Example Invocation

Instead of invoking an FS API method, set the fsClass property:

<Button fsClass="fs-unmask,my-other-class">Cart</Button>