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The FullStory API employs a number of safeguards against bursts of incoming traffic to help maximize its stability. Users who send many requests in quick succession may see error responses that return a 429 response code. We have several limiters in the API, including:

Rate Limits

  • Limits the number of requests received by the API within any given second. For most APIs this limit is set such that it should not be hit under realistic load.

  • Limits bursts of requests that may exceed the standard rate for a short period of time. Should the burst limit be exceeded, it will recharge over time.

Payload Size Limits

  • Limits the size of requests received by the API. For any endpoint that has a payload limit, that information will be provided with the given endpoint.

Handling Limiting Gracefully

When a rate limit is hit a Retry-After header will be included with the response. This header will contain the number of seconds that you should wait before attempting to send another request.