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Version: v2

Create Batch Import

Creates a batch user import job with the given list of users' information.

Users are upserted (created if they do not exist or updated if they do exist). This is the first step in an asynchronous workflow. This request can be made idempotent.

Payload Limits

The number of request objects that can be included in a single batch request is 50,000.

Header Parameters
    Idempotency-Key string optional

    Optional header for making the request idempotent

Request Body required
    requests object[] required

    The list of users and their information that should be imported in this batch request

  • Array [
  • id string optional

    The Fullstory assigned user ID

    uid string optional

    Possible values: <= 256 characters

    The application-specific ID you've given to the user

    display_name string optional

    Possible values: <= 256 characters

    The nice-looking name for this user

    email string optional

    Possible values: <= 128 characters

    The email address associated with this user

    properties object optional

    Properties that provide additional information about your user.

    • Up to 500 unique properties are allowed.
    • Property names must be a sequence of alphanumeric characters A-Z, a-z, or 0-9 and underscores ("_").
    • Property names must start with an alphabetic character (A-Z or a-z).
    • The maximum property name length is 512 characters.
    • Property values may also contain nested objects. Properties within nested objects must still conform to the naming requirements. For nested objects, the property name including the dotted concatenation of all its parent properties must still be under the length limit of 512 characters.
    • Property values have a maximum size of 8192 bytes. If the value for the property is larger than this limit, the property will be rejected.
    schema object optional

    Optional schema declaration, to define the structure of the data and override Fullstory's default type inference.

    properties object optional

    A mapping of field names to their corresponding types.

  • ]

A successful response.

"job": {
"id": "abc123",
"status": "PROCESSING",
"created": "2017-01-15T01:30:15.01Z"